Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Message for the boss


  1. Ashish
    I am a very new visitor of your site and yet deeply inspired by your work .. the uniqueness and the style of work!! I admire your cartoons ! So much they say in so less !! Extremely creative !
    Hence I have nominated you for the 'CREATIVE BLOGGER" Award ! :) Your blog best deserves it!

    Please visit my site : http://mysay.in/2013/03/06/creative-blogger-award/
    to know more
    congrats again and keep inspiring !!

  2. I second @mysay.in!
    Too good cartoon Ashish. My cellphone was not working y'day. And wanted to convey my absence to my boss! तेव्हा ही आयडिया सुचायला हवी होती... :p

  3. Hehe! Tathaastu! This wud make it much easier to avail fake sick leaves!!!