Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lift for (Billable) employees only

S**t ! I never thought they will go to such extend ... and moreover the reason for that was "cost cutting" .... I asked for justification .... and they banned me using the lift (elevator : as more enlightened souls may perfer to refer to it) !

...No Comments !

Hordings in India .... N O C O M M E N T S !

Increase pollution

One of my colleagues suggested to save life from the hordings !
She said increase pollution and the hording heroes will be run away ... hmm ...
It is really a tough job being up there ... I sympathise with those guys !

HA HA HA ... I've longer list

Our leaders are adding value (!) to themselves now-a-days.

Indian Hordings - 2

Oh My God ! The poor kids ... may they get some good sleep devoid of the frightening hording dreams ....

Indian Hordings - 1

Life in India is surrounded by many upcoming things. Hordings is the latest trend. Now the E.T.s need not tag India seperately for its identification. We've already done it for them by raising the hordings.