Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Published in 'Sakal' N'paper (PosiView Supplement)-Sept 05,2011

Context: Ganapati Festival - Ganapati, the beloved deity in Hindu culture, is offered
21 Modaks (Modak is similar to Momos, however with Sweet stuffing) as ritual.
The mice who is believed to be Ganapati's 'Carrier' (it pulls the charriot for the God) is very smart.

The God sees only two modaks in his plate, so he is bit angry, bit surprised.
"Hey, how come only two modaks? Where are the rest?"
"Dont worry Bappa (affectionate namae for the God); we cant eat all of these at once.
So I've invested the rest in a cool plan. Now after 4 days, we'll have 25 modaks and on top of it 4 Laddoos as well.
(Laddoo: Type of sweet)

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